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Yiwu WeDo Commodity Co., Ltd is one of the famous China Laptop Tote Bag manufacturers and Laptop Shoulder Bag suppliers. Our factory specializes in manufacturing of Laptop Bags. And over 95% products are exported to North America, Australia, South Africa, Western Europe, Central Europe, Japan, etc. We get good reputation and recognition from customers, also the scale and performance are developing rapidly yearly, we are committed to building a "professional, distinctive, and brand-core value" company.

Looking at the history of computer, we have to say that the computer revolution has been the fastest growing technology in human history. I remember that when I first time saw the machine called computer by my teacher was in 1999, while I was a freshman of middle school. To be honest, I scared to touch such monster, occupied the whole room, covered by thick anti dust cloth, and we must be indicated to how to use it, otherwise the computer was much possible to be dead, worse more, it was complex to reinstall system and it took the teach much time to finish such technology work. 

Though we were excited to take computer lesson as well as scare to get in touch with computer, which was one of the most expensive facilities and must be protected as well as your body. Compared with the computer knowledge, to know how to protect computer is much more important, because computer was expensive and not each family afford of the price. Exactly I did not how much it was, but I though it should be expensive, I saw the computer protective anti dust cover was much thicker and softer than my bed sheet. 

I bought my first computer after college in 2007, one used LENOVO, but it looks like a new one after packaged in new laptop bag, cost me over USD6, it was much expensive both than my canvas school bag for my primary school and my polyester day pack for my high middle school. In my opinion, to do well in job with the help of my laptop was everything, and the laptop bag was my necessary. 

During a long time, I was suffer pains from commuting, there were so many people crowed in bus, hanging my both hands to the bus rings, and thanks to the laptop bag protects well my gears, there was one separate laptop compartment holds max 15.6 Inch laptop, the Front compartment with many pockets, to hold pens, keys, wallet, mobile phone and other small accessories, make all items organized and easier to find. Especially the adjustable shoulder strap was very soft and relaxed my shoulders pressure. Why I remember so clear, because I have been keeping it for over 15 years, this experience makes me realize that sometimes we not only need something to protect our belongs, the laptop, but also we need some memory needs to be impressive too.

Since 2012, I started to run my own company to manufacture kinds of bags, one of which is laptop bags; and laptop bags are divided into sleeve or ipad cover, laptop backpack, laptop handbag, etc. I think quality laptop bags are impressive, like moved stories, favorite songs. It is only the travel laptop bags leave more memory, accompanying you to work and travel; on the way home, on the trip of travel, on the road to date customers, on the access to success 

You need a laptop bag, just like a laptop needs you.

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Travel Laptop Backpack

Travel Laptop Backpack

Custom Business Anti Theft Slim Durable Travel Laptop Backpack with USB Charging Port
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Wholesale Laptop Bags made in China which can be customized to meet the customers' requirements from WeDo. As one of China Laptop Bags manufacturers and suppliers, we have became Chinese brands. We guarantee that the products are in stock so you can buy the bulk of products.We have prepared free samples and look forward to your cooperation.