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Garment Bags

Yiwu WeDo Commodity Co., Ltd is one of the famous China Wedding Dress Garment Bags manufacturers and Travel Garment Bags suppliers. Our factory specializes in manufacturing of Garment Bags. And over 95% products are exported to North America, Australia, South Africa, Western Europe, Central Europe, Japan, etc. We get good reputation and recognition from customers, also the scale and performance are developing rapidly yearly, we are committed to building a "professional, distinctive, and brand-core value" company.

Garment bags or suit bag is a container of flexible material, usually used to ease transporting suits, jackets or clothing in general, and also to protect clothes from dust by hanging them inside with their hangers and then in the closet bar.

Garment bags are a bag that used by travelers that folds in half and has a center handle for easy carrying. A long zippered bag used to carry and protect suits, dresses, and coats when traveling.

The simplest models usually have a zipper that opens from top to bottom, in the middle of one side. They can be manufactured with different materials: fabric, leather, plastic, etc.

Some models of garment bags may have a strap for holding them on the shoulder and quite often, some type of handle. They come in different shapes and sizes depending on the length of the clothes that should contain (jackets, coats, dresses, etc...). There is a type of ''garment bag '', with two handles, that can be folded by the middle for easy carrying it with one hand.

Garment bags protect clothing from dust, dirt and smells. They help to keep clothes in good condition whether traveling or hanging in wardrobe. Some have an identification window to allow inspecting their contents.
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