How to clean and maintain laptop bags on shoulders?


Generally speaking, most computer bags are made of canvas or nylon. Laptop Bags of this type of material can be dry-cleaned or washed. Laptop Bags with more stripes and bright colors are best to be dry-cleaned, otherwise they will fade. . If you must wash it with water, use a neutral and gentle lotion, such as shampoo or detergent, and use a small velvet brush to brush back and forth along the lines.
Of course, the final drying is a very important step. If you are afraid of coloring, wrap the cleaned Laptop Bags with a lot of toilet paper. They must be close to the surface of the bag to prevent coloring and yellowing of the canvas. .

Special attention is to be paid to dry or air-dried in the shade, not direct sunlight, and when drying, it is best to turn out the lining of the computer bag to dry, so as to prevent the surface of the computer bag from being damaged during the drying process.
1. Treatment of oil stains: a. When cleaning Laptop Bags stained with oil stains, you can use detergent to directly scrub the oil stains. If it is not black, red and other dark colored fabrics, you can use washing powder to brush lightly. b. For pure white fabrics, you can use dilute bleach (diluted at 1:10) directly with a toothbrush to remove the oil stains. c. Soak in detergent for 10 minutes (add 6 drops of detergent to each basin of water and mix well), and then do the usual treatment. d. Dilute with oxalic acid before cleaning, then wipe the contaminated area with a toothbrush, and then perform routine treatment.

2. How to remove ballpoint handwriting: a. Ballpoint handwriting with colored fabrics can be treated with 95% alcohol. b. Before washing, use Amway (or paint some egg white) directly on the handwriting, do not get wet, and leave it for 5 minutes after normal processing.

3. Treatment method of fabric fading (except for black fabric): First soak in concentrated salt water for one minute, then change the salt water to clean water, and use soapy water to soft brush evenly and lightly.

4. Treatment of mildew: Soak in warm soapy water at 40 degrees for 10 minutes, and then perform conventional treatment. For computer bags with pure white fabrics, you can soak them in soapy water, then put the moldy parts in the sun for 10 minutes, and then perform conventional treatments.
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