What is the type and scope of garment bag?


The subordinate categories of clothing packaging include shirt packaging, clothing packaging, underwear packaging, T-shirt packaging, etc. In general, clothing packaging can be divided into six categories according to the method of use.
1. Composite packaging bags
The so-called composite packaging bag, is composed of two or more different properties of the material combination of flexible packaging materials, it can give full play to the advantages of each part, the formation of a new high-performance packaging, can meet the requirements of various products, often used for packaging clothing, home textiles, towels and so on.
2. The hook bags
Hook bag is to add a hook on the basis of sticking bone bag and self-sticking bag, generally for small clothing packaging. Its main function is to improve the value of the product itself, can be wrinkle-proof, dust-proof, waterproof, etc., often used for packaging socks, stockings, ties.
3. Bone-attached zipper bag
The zipper bag is made of transparent PE or OPP plastic film, blow molding, folding and hot pressing. The zipper head can be used for storage and can be reused. It is widely used in garment packaging.
4. Hang on the bag
Hang on the bag in the clothing industry is sometimes need to use a packing plastic bags, it is a kind of left and right sides parallel to the bottom flat, central has a small mouth, small mouth on both sides of the helical seal, midline symmetrical bag, its main function is to have such as ash, waterproof effect, often used in packaging suits, jackets and other clothing, common in dry cleaners, clothing stores, etc.
5. Flat pockets
Flat pockets are usually used together with paper boxes for internal packaging. Their main function is to increase the value of the product, prevent wrinkles, dust, water, etc. They are usually used to pack shirts, T-shirts and other clothes, and are common in clothing stores.

6. Shopping bags

Shopping bags are for the convenience of customers after the purchase of goods to carry bags, some shopping bags have exquisite graphics and text, shopping stores not only convenient for customers to carry goods but also invisibly spread the company information and products.

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