How to pack garment bags?


1. Carefully consider the travel route. A typical garment bag is used to keep formal or commercial garments wrinkle-resistant. Make a list of the different functions you need to participate in, so you can be sure that you have everything you need. Casual clothes are generally not suitable for wearing in the pockets of clothes. Instead, fold it up and put it in a suitcase.
2. Try to put as little items as possible in your clothes bag. Garment bags can be bulky and are not always an effective way to pack clothes. If your wardrobe can be placed in carry-on luggage or other suitcases, please put it there. Dress shirts, ties and accessories do not need to be hung in the pockets of clothes. Business casual pants, such as khaki pants, can generally be folded and stored in a suitcase. If possible, pack clothes that are considered to be wrinkle-free.
3. Use a garment bag for business trips. The best time to use a clothing bag is for a short trip when the clothing you need most will be in business. Most clothing bags have limited capacity, making their ideal journey only lasting a few days, so there is no need for all kinds of clothes. During the journey, it involves business and leisure. At the same time, use a clothing bag and a suitcase to carry all your clothes.
4. Let a professional help you pack your wedding gown. If you are going to a formal event, such as a wedding or an awards ceremony, your dress may be too big or too gorgeous to be wrapped in ordinary clothes. Bring a large suitcase to the bridal company and pack it. Using carry-on will ensure that you can keep an eye on your special items. Some planes have a closet specially prepared for flight attendants. You can hang up your luggage, but don't count on it. Carrying insurance is safer. When you arrive at your destination, this garment may need to be steamed. 
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